I'm a product and UX designer building experiences for people around the world.

Before I designed experiences, I spent years in technology, building some of the very first sites on the internet. I am responsible for the monstrosity pictured here. Rest assured; I've learned a few things since then.

More than anything, I thrive amidst ambition, passionate curiosity, humility, and joy. I seek brave teams where we can create a lasting and meaningful impact on people's lives, society, and the world we all live in.



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A few key achievements.

I've done many things in my career. I've been part of teams that have won awards. I've had very nice things said about my work by people I have tons of respect for. I've even had Oprah compliment me.

The thing I treasure most is the thank you's from people who I have been able to teach and mentor. I'm also proud that I have personally helped many women join my field and assume leadership roles.

I have also had the good fortune of being mentored by several fine product people who happened to be great humans. None of these achievements are mine alone. Each required people assisting, supporting, and allowing me the latitude to learn, practice, test, and execute.

Great companies are built on great products.

-- Elon Musk


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