Work History


Resilience Lab (2022-2023)

Principal Product Design

  • Led the development of a comprehensive Axure prototype that proved vital for demos during research, technical briefings, and board member review meetings.
  • Successfully built and launched a new product team by recruiting and hiring product designers, UX writers, and UX researchers.
  • Developed and maintained design libraries and revisions for two distinct design products, including the development of design tokens and a component library.
  • Introduced and implemented the use of design tokens that virtually removed engineering questions; creating a common vocabulary for the product entities.

Pearl Health (2021-2022)

Principal Product Design

  • Significantly improved product design and functionality by completing three UX research projects; including detailed user-interface specifications for the final product design.
  • Produced a precise Axure prototype utilized for sales, research, and board member reviews; resulting in positive feedback and strong financial support for the project.
  • Facilitated the successful initiation of the first few project builds, setting the stage for continued growth and success by drafting persuasive design stories.

Sr. Director Product Design

Bravado Health (2017-2021)

  • Led the research and UX/UI product design of four highly functional, skillfully designed shipping products -- Ayva, ORTHO, EQIP, Treat5 (rel. 3.5-5).
  • Enhanced user experience and engagement by collaborating with voice and gamification contractors, resulting in more engaging and intuitive products.
  • Ensured consistency across products and design iterations, maintaining a high standard of design excellence while developing and managing the design library.

Press Ganey (2015-2017)

Principal Product Design

  • Optimized user experience for stakeholders and end-users by collaborating with cross-functional teams, resulting in highly satisfied users and stakeholders alike.
  • Steered development of both effective and visually stunning products, including creating a prototype allowing PG to sell 30M in licenses by conducting extensive analysis, designing, and prototyping highly responsive solutions, and building a comprehensive patterns library.

Humana (2013-2015)

Lead Product Design

  • Led the Tools Team responsible for site search, including clinician and in-network providers. Streamlined and reduced failed searches from 16% to 3.2%.
  • Rebuilt Medicare onboarding, reduced page count from 18 to 4, and increased completion rate from 3% to 60%. Resulting in a 3.6% increase in up-sales (dental, vision, and transportation).

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