Ayva Design Language.


James Young


Research, UI/UX Design,
Mobile Design

Feburary 25th, 2020

James – Sr Director of UX

3 Product Designers

1 UX writer

4 Product Team Members


Co-designing with Technical Product Managers, Software Engineers, and our users brought us closer to the root cause of user needs. These needs were very technical and touched different workflows, teams, and ecosystems. Effective, altruistic solutions required understanding and delving into their technical worlds.
I lead design for the entire digital experience: from concept, user research, workflow definition, ideation, and final design execution. I made final decisions on product design priority and assisted on scope, as well as defining future phases for product experience maturity.

Be smart, be open & constantly ideate.

Surgeon and patients are secondary in  large EHR systems. They put speed to market and profitability ahead of usability and transparency. 

This has to change for patient experience to improve. Ayva  informs patients what they need to do to prepare for surgery. It also ensures that surgeons have a comfort level that the patient is on track. 

Ayva has a unique UI the benefits each of these two personas. The surgeons is a low cognitive load UI that highlights the needs attention aspects of a patient pre and post surgery routines. While the patient UI preps the patient as they need to complete a task. The patient is never overwhelmed it always feels natural and reassuring. This is was a long process with many iterations but we got there and it’s making a difference in people’s lives. 


Often our small team was asked to change direction to slim down or remove features. On occasion the team was asked to add new features. We met every single deadline and often had time to spare. Our team did more with less to help support the mission and did so with a 2% defect rating and 100% on time rating. A combination of exceptionally unique talent, A well thought out design language and outstanding product team.