Ayva Ortho.


James Young


UI/UX Design, Design Library
Mobile Design


Jan, 2019 – ongoing


Sr Director of UX

3 Product Designers

Product and Engineering team

Ayva is the ultimate tool for orthopedic surgeons and case managers. Automate best practices for pre-op readiness and post-op recovery. Before Ayva surgeons sent a stack of print home with patients with instructions to “read this”. Often these booklets were 100 pages or more. When interviewing patients and asked about this often they repolied they never got it, or they didn’t understand it and just didn’t finish it. Our goal was to make this data manageable and allow the patient to self explore by watching tic-tok length videos. We spent 6 months on the voice and tone to ensure that the context was always just right. We tested over and over again with patients to increase the flow follow through and reduce touchpoints. Our initial tests told us we were on the right track. In our final test time to complete was nearly half and the success rate was 96% with a eyetracking score of 97.

Mental Models and Evidence Based Care.

Ayva is Surgeon and Case manager facing also. The patient automatically reports progress, AYVA AI then factors that against time to surgery date, how peers are doing and the specific desires of the surgeon. This is all balanced within evidence based care and scored. When a patient falls into a warning or needs attention t6he case manager knows why and can quickly make decisions about how to re-rail this patient back onto a successful pathway.

Surgeons are high cognitive participants and can quickly become frustrated when information doesn’t make sense or if they need information and have to dig for it. Ayva quickly allows a case manager or a surgeon to see whose in trouble, who isn’t doing what’s needed and more importantly offers suggestions to automatically put a patient on path. Ayva and a case manager make an excellent team.

One way we reduced the cognitive load was to remove all the success diodes, that increased the visibility of the warning and Needs attention diodes and allowed the care team to focus. Initially we were asked to add them back but within a few weeks of using the system we we’re asked not to. As one interview stated “it just makes more sense without”.


The Ayva platform is built with the highest design standards that make it easy for people in high cognitive load states to use. The Ayva interface is extremely intuitive and helps surgeons connect with patients and find the information they need to do the work of healing without a lot of clicks. 

In what could take hours we’ve reduced to minutes and surfaced the data quickly and transformably.